Recent instagram account purge?

Losing noticeably more followers over the last few days. Never purchased followers, participated in giveaways, or done anything unusual besides typical follow/unfollow. Wondering if anyone else is seeing a bigger drop than usual?

Noticed some of my accounts significantly drop in follower growth. One of my larger ones now has a negative growth rate, did nothing wrong. But nothing worth complaining about, so long as the accounts are okay, all’s good in that department.

These are the ebbs and flows with the platform. Best to just keep on doing what you are doing as the tides will eventually change back to your normal.

I was wandering where the “Instagram Purge” topics were :roll_eyes:

Nothing weird on my end. Do some of current followers look like bots?

Constructive. Thanks.

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yeah unusually high number of “sugar daddys” so thats prob it. Thanks for taking the time to respond :slightly_smiling_face:

cool thanks for the reassurance. It’s appreciated :relieved:

There is ‘no recent’ instagram purge. They been purging DAILY and more aggressive since June of last year. Insta is at serious war with bots and spam.


Hey, I pretty much try to read all your comments so thanks for taking the time to respond. Yeah I def get that … I mean I always lose followers every day. Like a lot lol. Just that last several days I’d say its just triple the norm which I thought was odd compared to what I’ve seen over the last few years. Oh well. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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some niches getting hit hard with purges, however there is something else. Reach has been taken down in march/april. Those unfollows we see are really not purges, they are indeed real life unfollows. Content has to be stronger and better now to stay in the black. Personally I lost near 200k in followers since march 14 and started turning around the pages one by one by doing 2 things – content change up and CTA’s less aggressive. I really think Insta is starting to limit reach with ‘follow @myaccount’ on the captions. I know they did it for facebook starting last year with clickbait-tagbait posts. Insta is next.


Well I can say for 100% certainty I’ve been getting lazy with posting on that account while concentrating heavily on a few others so that makes perfectly good sense. Time to up my content game and get my shit straightened out lol. Thanks again.

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I do get what you are saying though, my account has been loosing more followers daily compared to a couple of months ago, I would say I’ve noticed this “purge” on my account since March. I am still gaining new followers daily and getting good engagement, I just think IG is purging a lot of inactive accounts and spammy ones which honestly isn’t as bad as you think it is because these accounts were just ghost followers not engaging with your posts.

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I have had the same thing the last week, but i have also gone from 900-1000 reach to 8000+ per post since this started too and also likes per post have gone up 10 times the amount.

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This is actually quite interesting as i have a feeling they are targetting even with verifications for accounts that have any sort of redirect in bio, tags or caption of any kind that’s visible to the public.

For example i once had a captcha when tagging a photo with a main account. Could be conincidence but i’ve never had that before

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I think for now this low key. Many explore posts still say ‘follow @myaccount for more’ only in the caption. No way really to know. The spam accounts that do this it’s suicide now as before it worked.