Recently start to get catpha

I posted in 35 groups,I ussualy posted memes,now on every acc I need fill catpha,how to avoid them,please some tips.
What time between share post suppose to be how many groups I can share my memes,
Also on some acc’s my posts are ghosted (no one can see expect me),how to avoid it ?
When catpha be lifted from my all acc’s ?
How many acc I can use at a time if I share different post in groups ?

You can try to avoid posting too much and don’t post the same content over and over again. If you only do posting on your profile, try to throw in some other actions aside from that.

Change your posts a little bit, use spintax, use Post Unique Images module (if you’re posting images), change links (if possible) and mix your actions on Facebook,make it look as human as possible. Meantime, you can stop posting on the account for a day or two, let it rest and apply the changes above before posting again.

Additionally, you may register for DeathByCaptcha or 2Captchas account and add it in MP Settings < Connectivity tab < check Captcha Servers and captchas will be automatically solved as it happens.

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I only share new post everyday in my page no same post repeat another day,also I only post now in groups which are active.
When catpha be lifted from acc ,I still sometimes get it after 1 day break,and If I do one day break I also suppose to stop invite friends and post on my wall that day ?

We don’t know for sure, it’s all up to FB. Try to change the way you post, don’t spam groups, maybe some users are reporting your posts.

You can still run the other tools (use low settings) and post on your wall