Recommend me the best proxy for IG under $50 per month

I would like someone to recommend me the best proxy for instagram under $50 per month.

Talk to HenryCooper here in the forum. Much cheaper than 50$ and much better than similar proxies for 50$.


@HenryCooper Proxies are indeed great!

But as I replied on you other topic, MPSocial community is full of relevant and useful information, you only spent 37 minutes reading and already opened two topics.

Asking questions is what drives this community forward, but before you ask, it is very much possible that someone like you had this question before.

Use the search :grin:


I have been searching and saw @henrycooper, but I have to ask for myself. I am not sure if something might have changed, if you get me?

Your other post says CPA, so you should probably let everyone know what kind of proxies you need and for what purpose.

@HenryCooper has proxies for spam. They are called “Budget tier” and work great for spam operations.

If you are looking for proxies that you can create accounts on, I don’t know that anyone sells those.

If you need spam accounts, @Babs sells them for 70 cents each I think. @Verona has accounts for $1 and the rest are all $2 and up and are created on 4G.


We don’t restrict account creation.:grin:

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I will quote Henry: “don’t shit where you eat”

Using same proxies for actions and account creation is not very recommended


wortime, I also grow accounts, so I am interested in the best.

Maybe learn your game first before you invest heavy money… A good proxy helps for sure. But even a super speedy formula one car needs a good driver, good tires and mechanics who can set it up for each track.

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I think, I got a grasp of the game. I have grown accounts to 10K+. I am just having proxy problems recently, but this isn’t for growing accs. It’s for cpa accs. I have used data centre proxies and grow accounts without any issue

If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it

When it comes to proxies, over handling of it can sometimes do more harm than good, even if you are migrating to a better IP and provider. That’s my opinion of course.


Then proxies are not your problem. If you can grow accounts like that and cpa is not working it are the things you do differently with the cpa that cause your problems.


For the trust score it would be the best to have the same proxy as on creation. An alternative would be to transfer other footprints (device id, cookies, etc.) with the account into software. Then just the proxy (location) changes which is actually common when people use Instagram on their phone.

Thanks go to @wortime he gave me this tip!

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Thanks for the great tip!
Will make use of it


what proxies cost $50 a month?

u just learning – learn first.


yours and mine :slight_smile: We just get the ones here from the trusted sellers and add a nice top up with magic snake oil plus the finest esoteric scents (e.g. proxies that even work 25h/day and 8 days/week) :joy:

Just kidding and in no way intended to be serious…

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The best proxy would be purchase Raw Mobile Proxy and use it only in 1 account :smiley:

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Even better buy the proxy add no account, get no pv and no bans at all (guaranteed).

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proxy is not main problem. It’s just use it to grow trust for new account. For me it’s take 1 month for each account. Just image you are using your account in school. All students have same proxy address. And no one get ban.

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