[RECOMMENDATION] Cheapest VPS on the market!

(I’m not affiliated with this provider on any way) got flagged lol, even tho i provided proof i dont earn anything


I Couldn’t find cheaper than this, it will be helpful everyone!

I use it and it’s up 24/7 no problems what’s so ever


nice share, anyone can vouche them?

I don’t know but I don’t get good vibes from this hosting service.

Can anyone vouch for this service?

Contabo also super cheap. I can vouch


Best vouch here, using it 3 months see my invoices, I’m not getting any commission btw

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Hello for what tool do you use this VPS?

Jarvee primary

@ SZarkic Wow bro!!

That is super duper cheap!! I was going to recommend something but, this is almost stealing the service.

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damn thats crazy cheap! I’ve been using hyonix for the past 3/4 months which works really well but wanted to upgrade it. Glad i see this thread before i did wish i found MPSocial sooner tbh!


Anyone knows that’s service using OpenVZ or KVM?

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which package do you recommend for someone running only 10 accs?


With Jarvee you could easily do this on a smaller package i’m running 30 accts on cpu + 4gb ram package

Contabo is equally as cheap :wink: Works relatively well, but it is a little laggy to be honest…


I have never heard of them before. I will have to check them out next time I need a new VPS. Thanks!

Yeah I am using them, they work fine! But I think Hetzner is the best buck for your bank :wink:

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Contabo is more expensive but you do you! ::slight_smile:


On hostigger do you use the Europe VPS or American?

and which plan do you use and how many account has it handled for you so far?

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You can get USA/Turkey VPS, Im using USA and running 30 accounts on


Is there any lagging or anything like that? Or does it run pretty smooth?

I am paying 23$/month for 16 gb of ram, 800 ssd and unlimited traffic, so it is cheaper, but again I don’t necessarily recommend Contabo, since they are kinda laggy… :slight_smile: