Recommended Best Server Please

Actually I want to run 200 accs which will do follow and like ( around 800-1000 follows per account ), Whats the best server for using this much accs? Can anyone help me pls?

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Check the threads below, there are various answers to your question. There’s also a search function on this forum :slight_smile: Don’t hesitate to use it.
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Here’s more
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I personally use the 64GB Dedicated Server from TurnKey Internet. I am running about 400 accounts at the moment which are liking, following, and posting pictures every day on all 400 accounts. The CPU and RAM stay at around 15-20% usage. With this server I can run about 2,000 accounts and still have some RAM and CPU free. This would be a great option if you every plan to expand more than 200 accounts in the future.

They also have a 32GB Dedicated Server which may suit your needs more and is twice as affordable.

If you do plan on using TurnKey Internet, send me a Private Message and Ill teach you how to save $25/month :smiley:


One day you’re complaining about too many PMs and the next day you’re asking members to send it to you :smiley:


I got your PM, I will try it and let you know soon, Thanks for your suggestion buddy :slight_smile:

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Hahaha, I had no other choice in this case. In order to save $25 I needed to share a Google Drive link which I do not want public.

I still hate PM’s. I have like 25+ PM’s that I still need to reply to (including yours haha)

Awesome! Keep me posted! :slight_smile:

I can wait :smiley: BTW, I should change the niche, I have something else on my mind. Of course if you haven’t started working on it already. Let me know when you have time :slight_smile:

I am nearly finished researching all your hashtags for your current niche. Dont go switching on me now haha.

Use the hashtags I will be providing to test them with your current accounts niche.

Then when you change the niche, update me, and I will also research hashtags for the new niche.

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Cool :smiley: no problem, I just thought you haven’t started at all yet. I’ll wait till you start the service and then order for the new one that I want to use.

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Brandon can you really recommend them? I need 2x 900 accs running so 1800 accounts in total. What size do you think would be optimal? Each acc would have about 1200-1600 actions per day. And you still have the $25 saving coupon?

Yes I recommend them. I personally use TurnKey Internet and I am blow away with the performance and price.

Running 1800 accounts will be pushing it with the 64GB server, however you should have little to no problems. If you are thinking of expanding more than 1800 accounts, then you probably want to consider their other Dedicated Server with 128 GB of ram. The 128Gb ram Dedicated Server from TurnKey Internet is around $150/month and you can run around 4,000 accounts on it. In addition, the 128GB RAM Dedicated Server also has a much faster processor than the 64GB one so you will get 30-50% faster processing speeds.

I guarantee you that the 128GB Ram Dedicated Server from TurnKey Internet will work perfectly with your amount of accounts, and social actions.

As for the 64GB server, I almost can guarantee that it will work also, however you may be pushing the limits with this one. You can try to contact TurnKey Internet and see if they are willing to allow you to test the 64GB server with your 1800 accounts and see if it runs smoothly. You want to make sure the ram and CPU usages does not constantly sit above 80%. If the ram and CPU is constantly around 80% then you want the 128GB RAM Dedicated Server from them instead.

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Thanks for the info Brandon!

Do you have any advice on purchasing a personal server? (Which type of computer is best to run many accounts?)

Currently I am using an 8G Ram Windows computer. I may be interested in upgrading in the future, any advice?

Look at the AMD Threadripper CPUs, depending on your budget.

If no budget problem, go for the AMD Threadripper 2990WX ( 32 cores ,64 threads) and at least 16gb ram.

If you can wait, wait a couple of months for the new AMD zen-2 CPUs.


Thank you for the tip!