Recommended Free Plagiarism Tool

Searched for some tools to help me get better at writing content and I was using free plagiarism tools to check my text is unique ( Even if I know it is, as I write it, but a check is not a bad idea )

I used till now :
and <- even if its unique it detects 100% plagiarism, don’t know why.

What do you guys use ?

I don’t write a lot, I mean, I don’t publish a lot of articles especially in last couple of months but when I do, I check them with copyscape.

Isnt copyscape premium ?

Yeah, it’s paid, but you can use it for free to check articles that are already published on your site. I don’t know is there any limit though.

yeah and you can publish articles privately on a site you own, meaning the search engines don’t have to know about that, but as long as they are publicly available through a link you can use it in copyscape.

Checked with copyscape now and got no results. That means its good :slight_smile:


what’s that for?

If you are writing articles and use other blogs are copywriting to check if the article you created is unique