Recommended settings for scraping accs for best results?

Hi, I was wondering what type of accounts you target to get the best results from F/U or DMs. Such as minimum number of posts on account, minimum and maximum number of followers, min-max number of followings. I.e if you follow an account with 5.000 or more followers in most cases they will probably ignore and not follow back…

You have to test. I highly doubt that someone will give you such informations :slight_smile:

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well, you should first filter users by interest and follow users that are most likely interested in your content and not just randomly.

like if you have a sports account you would be targeting males more than females and as the user above said you need to test a lot until you find the best results.

For F/U and DM’s - if I have huge sources, then I target accounts that have active story, no more than 1000 followings, at least 15 posts, with profile picture, posted at least 30 days ago, only public profiles, no businesses, I remove specific keywords in BIO, no usernames with 2-3 digits and more, and other little tweeks :slight_smile: I hope it helps.

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I think the most important thing is to target users that are close to your niche and are already interested in what you have to offer. Also, make sure that you are targeting active users, that posted in couple of last weeks or so.

what kind of sources do you use, are they users interested in your account niche (followers of similar accounts)? or just random users?

When I apply filter such as, minimum posts 10, followers 100+ following 100-1500, no link in bio, skip without profile image. Sending DMs to such list gets me 10-20 followers per 1.000-2.000 DMs, not sure what could be wrong maybe message or just depends on account.