Recommended social growth program

Hi everyone. Please recommend an affordable social growth program that will not ban my account. Organic - f/u. Please let me know if you are recommending it from experience! I need to know it’s reliable and if reviews are available. And pricing.
I’m looking for monthly growth of 4000+
Promoted posts (every time I post, likes come from like engagement groups).

Let me know. Looking to start either today, tomorrow. Or one month.

I’m an influencer and I currently pay someone to market my account. He does f/u and promoted posts. But I can’t afford it so I have to look for other options. I currently have an IG account, over 50k. I’m active on it.

I would recommend doing the mother/slave method. Get 300 child accounts going and you can grow 1500 to 3000+ per day.


Jarvee all the way man

use their trial time , learn by reading here and apply in jarvee

#1 Tip for you :
do not use your main account to learn, Use a fake account and learn with it for 1 month-3 months
after that start growing your main account, once you are sure you are good
because you really do not want to risk your account .

#2 Tip :
Do not use Cheap proxies or Dataceneter proxies
Use Raw- Mobile or Mobile proxies Only
Do not use Proxies that rotate more then twice a day !


Hashtags research + Mother/Child accounts :slight_smile: You can get this done for under $1k.


Thank you, I’m new to all this. I will have to research more to understand what mother/slave accounts are.

Thanks for the recommendation. I don’t know anything about proxies. I will research and see if it’s soenthing a beginner like me can do.

They are basically just accounts that support and promote your main account


He did say “affordable”… how much would a 300 x child m/s network cost for you?

(From what I know, that’s expensive and not a walk in the park :sweat_smile:. That may be just my bias since I haven’t done it myself yet)


How much is your current marketing guy charging you for F/U?


I’ll help you out to make you less confused, I was in your shoes 40 days ago :slight_smile:

Learning to automate yourself isn’t all that complicated, but it does require some time to research, after that you no longer need to hire someone.

First you need a software. Jarvee is awesome and very popular here. The cheapest version is 30$ per months and can hold 10 accounts. You can set up Jarvee to do f/u and many other things, and make it’s behaviour look human so you don’t get banned.

To run Jarvee you need a Winows computer going 24/7. This can either be yours, or you can get a VPS. A virtual private server, which is just like a computer running 24/7 somewhere else in the world that you can access from any other computer.

If you get a VPS and install Jarvee, you need to make the actions coming that that IP adress look more human. So you buy a proxy with a IP adress that you connect to your account on Jarvee. If you’re only running 1-5 accounts, Amazon has a free VPS for a year.

Here’s a great thread on it

There are a ton of great guides and content right here on this forum so if you’re unsure about something search around and there will be a lot of answers here. If you can’t find the answer to something you can ask, but make the question specific and don’t ask for spoon feeding.
Welcome to Mpsocial <3

I also found this awesome guide, it will be of help for sure:


The best growth method is indeed mother/child, will get you the best results (most follows & better engagement), but it is indeed not that cheap (several 100-1000$/month), but I would go with that if you can afford it :wink:
You have to decide if you want to learn this for yourself or if you want a service to do it for you so you can focus on other stuff, since learning and applying m/c will take a lot of your time!
Hope this helped!

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With the size of account you have F/U is only going to bring limited growth.
You are going to need more advanced strategies and may need someone to manage this for you (it’s not easy at all).
Have you tried getting quotes from some other providers? there are many on this forum that have a lot of experience.

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As you are already here i suggest you to do it on your own :slightly_smiling_face:

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150/month for f/u. 200 when added “promoted like engagement” on new posts

Thank you so much!! Just reading this has helped me understand all of this much better. I was so confused about VPS and proxys, and pretty much everything. I will look over that guide too. I think that I will try this and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Thank you, do you know how much services usually charge for something like this? I want to see if I can do this on my own. But just wondering what do people charge.

I’ve noticed growth of about 2000 per month. I do agree with you on it being limited growth. I haven’t tried to get quotes for mother/child method, I didn’t know about it until I joined this forum. I did see quotes for other f/u companies, but I read people’s reviews of how their accounts got banned. That scared me a bit from changing with the guy does it for me now. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Yes, I will try :blush:

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I’m glad I could be of help. I remember being so completely overwhelmed and confused from all the information. If you’re going to try this yourself too you’re going to need a proxy. The most safe type you can get is a mobile-proxy. For this I would contact @HenryCooper, he sells quality proxies and is highly recommended on this forum, just buy one from him and you don’t have to do hours of research and become more confused on which one to choose. :slight_smile:
Note: If you buy the best one (mobile proxy, 4$ per month) this can only be used by one single account, to make sure no one uses it for shady stuff.

Also you probably want to try out a different account than your main one at first. Just to make sure you understand how to get Jarvee up and running smoothly!

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