Recover Account Without Access To Phone Number

Greetings guys,

I’m receiving a PV on one of my IG accounts but no longer have access to the phone number associated with the account.

I only have access to the associated email address. I am not given the option for email verification.

Is there anyway that I can save my 30k account?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe this can help

Try following these steps:

  • Open your IG app
  • Click Get Help Logging in
  • Type in your account username
  • Click Need more help?
  • Click “I can’t access this email or phone number”
  • Fill out the following form > click Next, answer their questions, then click Submit.

Hey Ossi,

Unfortunately it didn’t work - I can’t get past the last step where IG asks me if I have “Photo of myself in the account” - I do not.

I do have access to the email associated with the account.

I tried logging into the account by sending a link to my email and logging in from there, but I still run into the PV.