Recover Unused Insta Accounts


I am looking for a method to recover an Instagram account that has not been used in 4 years.

I found owner and he will sell to me, but he is unable to access as he has lost the original email and can’t get in the account.

Any thoughts on this problem?

Any service available to help?

ALSO: Same issue on Twitter if anybody knows Twitter trick.

If they don’t have access to a matching email or a previous linked phone number: No real chance.

Thanks. I thought that might be correct.

If this would be possible then anyone could gain access to that account :smiley:

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Look for another username from someone who has access to their account(s).

Or get creative around that username, without it looking messy (avoid using #'s and limit the use of underscores “_”).

Beyond that, there’s nothing else to do to help on that matter.

Thanks for all the advice.