Recovering A Disabled Instagram Account

Hello, my instagram account was disabled in January of this year, and I’m still unable to recover it. Have anyone discovered any new links to use? Going through the app isn’t working.

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Sorry to hear you got your acc. banned. And a huge compliment to you that you didnt give up although it happened in January.

There are similar threads like that, so please find here the most important information for you:

You dont have to answer this here, but at least to yourself. E.g. if you posted nude pics, likely you wont be successful to get yor acc. unbanned.

You have a lot of followers, repesct :smiley: :+1: Just for your information, some months ago I saw someone on FB, also with a lot of followers, stating she got her acc. banned. She said she didnt do anything wrong.
Good news for you: it took some time, but in the end she got her acc. back:
If the steps above are not working for you, try it via commenting on the FB-page of IG as the user “Desislava …”

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If you wanna read more from this thread, here’s the link:

Good luck, @Delightful :four_leaf_clover: Hope you get it unbanned. :v:

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I’m on Level 2, and even I can’t access this thread! :joy:

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Sorry, that was my mistake :see_no_evil: . Updated the link above, please feel free to try that one.

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Thank you for all of your responses! I’m definitely about to try them out now! Fingers crossed!!

This may also help some people.
Statement of the “instagram for Business”-website on Facebook:

Here’s the link mentioned in the post above:

My gf @tiny_heart_ got her account disabled due to violation of TOS for a sexually suggestive picture. It was her first time ever being disabled and she believed the photo was pretty tame compared to content from many other pages.
I kept her calm as I researched online for tips on how to recover a disabled account and found this site and thread. Read through the whole thread and followed the instructions using the appeal link above which just asked for name, sn, business yes/no question, and email. Also used the link provided when trying to login which required providing a brief explanation of our problem. That was exactly 9 days ago and we have been posting appeals consistently through both methods approximately 3-4 times a day. They’ve had her take a picture with a code about 4 times in those 9 days. Today, she received a message from one of her followers that her account had been reactivated and she successfully logged in.
I had read that many desperate people come here for help, aggressively petition everyone and then disappear without ever coming back to help. I didn’t want to be one of those people even though I was just a lurker for information. My gf and I want to thank all the people paying it forward and keeping this valuable resource up. You guys rock!:metal: