Recovering a hacked account?

Hello everyone,

Recently one of my account got hacked and I can’t seem to recover it.
I checked my email and saw that my instagram email was changed and I did tried pressing ‘revert this change’ but well, it appears “Sorry, this page isn’t available.
The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed”

I searched over here here and found this thread,

I am able to find the new username of the account but I could not find the form to submit to instagram to make a report.
Does anyone know how do I contact them to report for hacked account?

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Now is even much easy,
Instagram has introduced a new features, that is able to tell you more info about the account, for example the Origin of the account, the previous name of it and a lot of cool stuff.

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How? where i can use these feature?

Oh nono, I’m actually trying to recover an account which I got hacked :confused:

I have the same problem! I tried the steps via iOS but I did not get to the purple screen.

Same here. I can never get the purple screen.
I tried on android and I had the same problem as well.

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