Recovering account's bad engagement - worth the effort?

Hey guys, a quick question - I’ve got to manage an account with a completely spoiled engagement rate since the followers gained are not authentically interested in the content.

It has around 9k followers, but barely gets 200 views and 100 likes per post. And the engagement rate keeps declining.

I was just wondering if it’s worth trying to recover the account rather than start fresh with a brand new one since the existing account doesn’t have that many engaged users in the first place.

Does anyone have experience of recovering an account that eventually manages to keep growing organically? How much effort did it take and was it worth it?

Also, can you suggest any tool for blocking the ghost followers?

Thank you in advance!

You could just unfollow all that do not like or comment on that account and target new active followers and start warming up a new account to take its place just in case that account is a bust.

To kill off the current followers that are inactive use this…


Engagement is directly tied to content. Does your content align with your audience? Is your content on par with other content being produced in your niche? Start there.

Also, I believe engagement is way down because IG is too saturated. Lack of real estate is what I tell clients. Even the best content creators are suffering and they better get used to it. Below 10% is the new standard. There are too many people doing the same things on the platform.

Now, I could blow your mind with the psychology of a like, but I will save that rabbit hole for another time.

Figure out your audience, play to them.


The niche has a lot to do with engagement. And of course a saturated niche would have less real estate, but if your in the right niche where your target audience is fanatical about your subject your numbers will be large.

sounds like a plan! thank you @intadog

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Makes sense. The main thing that made me consider the option of starting a new account is that there’s a steady decline in engagement despite posting consistent content of similar quality. Feels like the algorithm keeps pushing the content back more and more as long as it doesn’t see any engagement from the existing followers. And when that happens - it’s tough to say whether or not it’s possible to turn that around.