Recovering after Shadowban?

@Gokurdera Thank you so much. I’m actually no longer shadowbanned but I’ve just noticed that my engagement rate had dropped. Did that happen to you after your shadowbans, and, if so, did the account ever recover?

After I no longer have a shadowban, the engagement comes back.

For example, without a shadowban:

  • 8,500,000 views per week
  • 750,000 coverage per week
  • 40,000 interactions
  • 3,500 new followers per week
  • an average of 15,000-20,000 like under the picture

For example with shadowban:

  • 4,000,000 views per week
  • 450,000 coverage per week
  • 23,000 interactions
  • 200 new followers per week
  • on average 10,000-11,000 like under the picture

After returning gradually everything returns 2-3 days and is the same as it was before shadowban.

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@Gokurdera Thanks for this info🙏🏼

I’m not sure if I have been shadowbanned as of course my reach leaven drop . Have 26 k followers and before used to get 300-400 likes now barely make it to 100

I texted and saw one of recentnpait in hashtag … so not sure

Please help … so I stopped complete use the account, post likes comments no hashtags how to recover back the reach audience

As I understand, if your post is shown under “recent” under the hashtag you are not shadow banned.

Mine have been showing in recent but ranking terribly under “top” - probably because my engagement has dropped since I stopped buying fake likes.

Please feel free to correct me.

Just add a special hashtag to one of your posts and get one of your child accounts/a friend/etc to stop following you and search the special hashtag. If the post appears on their account the. You are. It shadow banned and just experiencing an ER drop.

Thank you, and what your does an ER drop means?

Today only my recents post didn’t even make the 300 reach and don’t event make it to 40 likes :joy::joy: I have once again 26 k followers and at least my postbwill make it to over 50 and 100 likes

Don’t know I’d keep posting with no hashtags or don’t post at all

If you delete the hashtags from previous post does it means anything towards the post … I hear Instagram reset it …

Also what cleaner app you used and if I could use the cleaner while I’m thinking I’m shadow banned


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I’m not sure about resetting everything related to post. I have given steps that I am doing and are effective with me.
If you have a shadowban, you are not visible in hashtags, so it should not interfere with anything.
I do not use any cleaning applications. Everything I do is given above and works to me.

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Thanks for the info! I have ranked 100s of my posts on different hashtags and now they are invisible to everyone, do you know if the old posts will return to their rightful places after the shadow ban is over?

Yes, from my experience your experiences will be re-visible on hashtags. You probably can’t find your own posts except for super low volume ones. Also I’ve noticed that old geotagged posts will show up again too.

I was hashtagged and geo-shadowbanned. I kept posting without hashtags for about 2 weeks then noticed the geo tagging was showing up. Then I started sprinkling back hashtags into the first comment. Then about a month after that I must have used another bad hashtag and I got shadowbanned on just hashtags again (geotagging continued to work this time).