Recovering after Shadowban?

Hi all!

A few months ago my account was shadowbanned after IG removed one of my posts after it was getting reported. I made it through and out of the shadowban about a month ago but my reach hasn’t made it back to where it once was. I have 37k followers; my reach used to be around 50k daily, now I’m at 20k. I do hit explore but not like I used to. I’m just wondering if any of you have made a similar experience and if it’s possible to recover and get back up to the old numbers (and higher) and if you have any tips for that; or if it’s a lost cause.
And my apologies if this has been discussed on another thread; i checked but didn’t find anything.

Thank you!

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Everyone lost reach
If you are hitting explore, so why do you think you are shadowbanned?

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As I said, I was shadowbanned but am not any longer and havent been for about a month.

Wondering how you can tell you were SBed?
Instagram made it clear this is not something they are doing.

Any method you can share to check an SB would be appreciated.

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My reach dropped from 50k to 10k within a day. None of my posts were hitting the explore page (before, almost every post did) and they weren’t showing up under the hashtags either

your shadow ban expired months ago – your in the same boat as all of us…low likes/comments – not much ya can do


Just to leave this here, as I think it’s the next big panic button on MP:

I’ve been noticing some of my clients’ reach/engagement DRASTICALLY drop off suddenly. Like in a major way. I build my personal account also, so I’m well aware of IG’s killer (bad) algorithm changes, but this is something else. I’m surprised more users haven’t brought it up lately, but I think we’ll start seeing it real soon.


I mentioned this in another post and this is what you need to understand +

More Users = Less Engagement :: I really believe in this. The sheer amount of users, posts, likes, etc is fucking with engagement.

Content - People rarely like to state the audience, but 99.9% of peoples content sucks at times.

Audience Alignment - This is important since we are in the ‘client management’ business. I have some deeper theories about targeting, but these days it’s impossible through ANY method to add all the best followers that align with your clients content. Impossible. So because of this, engagement will suffer.

I have noticed this happening as well. Engagement has almost halved on one of my biggest accounts in the last couple days

What do you mean by this?

straight up lying. they also said last weeks update in which you went side to side for your feed was a bug.
remember, this is also the same company that said our privacy is never shared – yet they sold all – including private messages to 3rd part firms.
they lie – havent you figured it out?
to tell if shadowed…place a hashtag on a post from account a – the account you want to see if sb’ed. go into another another account that does not follow that account – ( most important) – and look under the hashtag you just put – make it one not very common with account A – if you can’t see the post/account in search in that hashtags – ya ass shadowed…that simple. Only followers may see that post.


Exactly that’s why I asked. I want to see where they said this. that’s like a setup for a class action on themselves. cause we all know they are hitting some people indiscriminately who are not aware of this practice and one of these days someone with a lawyer who wants to make money is going to call their bluff on it. Or maybe one department from ig may not be aware of what another department is doing. I feel this is a policy that will ultimately stunt their growth in future. they should really rethink this.

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there will never be a law suit, shadowing been going on since the start of social media. it breaks my heart when I see my posts do shitty…via instagrams greed. I have a account 313k, er average 5% plus last few months first hour 5-7k in likes norm, hundreds of comments – now lucky to 400 to 700 likes first hour and 1 or 2 comments. it did not need EG/DM groups to grow. it is losing 200 average a day. it was 315k last week. This started dec. 31. Now, I noticed 2 week cycles for these types of crap – hopefully 14th or 15 of this month it will revert back.


Yep agreed I know of people getting hit.and they are regular accounts that are sticking by the guide lines and still getting hit they have no idea whats going on. but when I take a look at their account I can see clearly whats happening one of these days ig is going to make a huge mistake and get embarrassed then see a slow down like facebook did after the privacy scandal. Who knows maybe its already happening and we don’t know they are about to get burned. They shouldn’t be playing around with these hashtag bans. they need to stop facebook feed mistakes. Truly sad Greed over takes them.


I think the best action is to learn and move onwards.

One account I’ve been watching closely is consistently gaining 300-500 followers per day, in the personal photography niche without F/UF. His content isn’t any better than his competition but for whatever reason (DM or Engagement groups is my hypothesis) he is consistently hitting explore. I’ve also noticed the use of the consistent use of the carousel feature to keep the user engaged and scrolling.

I know for a fact he did the F/UF strategy for a long time and stopped, still gaining in the process. Content still the same, just a vastly larger audience now vs months before.

So my question is why is he or was he not penalized for the automation.

You do not get shadow banned for automation. He gains for a simple fact --he has popular content. You made one mistake … You see the post from your eyes, nor that of the masses that get them there. See Insta does not care want I think is good content… Followers and likes do

these 2 terms add to the confusion shadow banned or hash tag ghosting elaborate?

Both the same

I know this thread is from January but I was curious if your account ever bounced back from that shadowbanned. I’m having a similar problem.

I have an account of 282,000 followers and shadowbans have already experienced over 10 times. People report posts for anything they do not like.
To get rid of shadowban I always do the same and disappears after 10-14 days. Always.

  1. I add posts as I did, but I do not use hashtags under any of them for these 10-14 days. After this time I check if I am visible in them, if so I limit their number to 10-12 hashtags on the post, if not, remove the hashtags and wait 5-6 days before you try again.
  2. Delete all hashtags from previous posts from the last 5-10 days.
  3. Use Instagram normally as you did, but be careful not to use hashtags.
  4. Write to Instagrama something like “I’m not visible in hashtags, please fix it”. If I have a shadowbana, I write a message to them every day (I do not know if it helps, but when it comes to the whole method it always works, so I do not want to change anything)
  • I heard that changing from a business account (if you have one) helps, but I never do.

Currently, I have 8,500,000 views per week, and as I have a shadowban it’s down to 4,000,000, so I know how you feel. However, the method that I gave you always works.