Recovering banned 280k page

Hey guys

I got one of my big pages banned today for putting an affiliate link (cloaked with in my bio. I didn’t promote it with a post or anything but as the page got a lot of traffic I figured I would just promote it in my bio for the time.

I left it there for a night and decided the next morning to remove it again because I didn’t know if there’s a big risk of getting banned for it. Well… it seems like there is because like 2h after I’ve removed the link and changed the bio, my account got disabled for violating instagram’s terms. It wasn’t saying that it got disabled because of the link but because of the timing I figured that it had to be the reason why they took a closer look to my profile.

I filled out instagram’s form to get the account back and they’ve sent me an email saying I should send them a photo of myself holding up a piece of paper with a code that they’ve attached. So they basically want my face next to that code.

It’s the first time hearing about something like that to be able to recover an instagram page and I’m not so sure if I should actually send them a photo of myself in the hope that they will give me the account back.

What do you guys think? Any experience with recovering an ig page? Ever had to send a picture of yourself to instagram?

Any advice much appreciated!



Do send it . Repeat until you get your account back .


Have you ever had to send a pic of yourself to instagram to recover an ig page? Do you know why they need it?


Many people did it, and many did it with success. HENRYCOOPER is one of the most experienced people in this forum, you can trust in him. And btw, I have also sent a picture to IG and got my acc. recovered.

There are people out there who are using some weird software to manipulate the IG system. They ask for a picture to exclude the possibilty that you are just a bot…


Ok that’s good to hear!

Thanks @HenryCooper and @SkinnyGirl !

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For some accounts it takes a really long time , so just make sure you don’t give up :slight_smile:


early in this year, 8 accounts needed that photo for recovery.( learned don’t send the same photo to 8 different campaigns to be published all at the same damn time, lesson learned) sent all in 2 days, most came back in a week or less. one account took countless of tries back and over 2 months to recover. keeping on doing it until you get it back, be it one day or months…


Removed ! …

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@madcell Please treat above offer with caution :slight_smile:


I’m in the same process but you have to keep appealing and yes you must send a pic of you holding a clean piece of paper with names and code. They’re not gonna respond back if you don’t send that info.

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one of my accounts got locked down by IG. Sent documents, driver licence id and even picture of my customer. It was locked for 3 months! then one morning out of nowhere we logged into the account without any problem. Sometimes it will take time… just leave it alone for sometime.


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my brother knows a guy, thats has a cousin, thas knows a girl who knows Mel Gibson! But he cant help…

So do others. You have to do it yourself. Dont ‘‘accept’’ any help except tips. Dont pay for help!

Just sent the pic, if needed over and over again…I didmy own pic about 30 times, 30 different accounts(long time ago) and all 30 succeed.



Already doing it for the last 3 month
Now IG even do not reply me and do not ask for selfie :slight_smile:

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Like HenryCooper says you have to keep trying.
Maybe once/week till you get it recovered.
Maybe try sending a nude picture,see if that gets any atention.


Hey, maybe I can get this back for you.

You got a magic stick?




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Unfortunately not, but I do have connections :upside_down_face:

I’ve sent it multiple times I just change my hairstyle every time and go with a different name

they’ve answered me this:


Your account has been disabled for not following the Instagram Community Guidelines and we won’t be able to reactivate it.

We understand that people have different ideas about what’s okay to share on Instagram, but to keep Instagram safe, we require everyone to follow the Community Guidelines.

Do you think I should keep trying or is it over?