Recovering deactivated IG business account

Hi everyone-I have been a member here since probably 2017, but never really used the forums and then lost my original account login, so I don’t have access to information I used to be able to access so forgive me- I know the information I need is posted in the forums and even know who has written it, but I don’t happen to have access to it. I am hoping for some breadcrumbs anyway :slight_smile: A local secondhand clothing boutique I am connected with and hoping to earn as a client made a big mistake and posted a photo of an altered shirt that says Chanel. Chanel reported it as trademark infringement, and IG immediately deactivated their account. I have a letter from the shirt artist/alterer that states it was not trademark infringement. I have copies of their business docs. They have appealed to Chanel who is obviously not responding, and have submitted appeals repeatedly with no luck. Can anyone help me think of next steps that could successfully regain their account?