Recovery instagram email changed


After I click revert this change to revert the email, I got " Sorry, this page isn’t available."

How can I recover if I have the original email?


Worst case you will have to follow along with this procedure:

How is the link from the mail structured? How old is the email/link?

If he changed email 2 times there is nothing you can do.
Did you get scam? or are you trying to scam someone?

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Yes I try it but " Need more help?" Continue to loop on support default page

A old account that i need to use now. But someone get the access and changed the email.

Nothing you can do.
People keep insisting that OGE matters…OGE is useless.

On some guides and forums telling that you can report it on Instagram after clicking " Need more help? " but does not appear for me.

Check this:

you can PM ossi a user here in the forum that can help you submit that form and see how it goes.

Are you talking about the scenario where email is changed twice?

Would you elaborate please?