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Hi, Happy New Year everyone, hope it’s a prosperous one for us all.

I am curious to see what others are doing in regards to recycling products back to the top of their feed.

I am at present recycling 10 products a day over the week, all different products.
I have just started doing this many with my accounts.
I was recycling 10 products every second day ( same products ) total of 20 unique products. I was getting great results and then I thought I may be burning through my list so I changed everything to 10 different products a day.

My results so far are not as great as the previous method but it’s only been a week.
I know it can take people 8 times to see the same product before they purchase!

What are u guys doing and how have your results been thus far?



Is it okay to ask what niche you are into? Also, I’m pretty curious about your setup. Can you give us more details? thanks.

Im mainly in fashion, I am a designer of printed products ( all over style ) but I also sell aliexpress products in my stores. I have 3 main original accounts that have links in them, they are all aged and doing well with no issues. I met a guy on another forum who coached his method of watermarking images with custom bitly links.
Basically I create spin off spam accounts of the main original 3 that I have, I do not put any links in bio and thusly get less click throughs but alot less disables as it is a safer method and longer lasting. ( not perfect, but whatever is right! )

All the spam accounts lead back to my shopify store where I collect emails with a pop up window and also monitor the 3 main accounts from as I have them shortened using google utm campaign builder.

I posted this method on BHW in answering someones question of " is anyone running over 1K IG accounts"? along with some info on my mentors cash that he makes using this technique but was met with ignorance and disdain so I wont be posting publicly anymore about the amount of money you can generate with this method.

Here is the formula below to generate $500 a day with IG.

I make $20 net profit per product I sell.
Need 25 sales a day to get $500 profit.
25 sales a day = 500-1000 visits to shopify store a day.
500-1000 visits a day = 100 IG accounts ( if content is good ) and 200 IG accounts ( if content not so good )

It takes time to build these accounts up to about 5000-7500 before this system really starts to explode.
You can start recycling products back to the top of your feed around the 500 followers mark but make sure you warm up all accounts first before recyling begins.

Heres my settings for warming up accounts.

Day 1 = just follow
Day 2 = post a single product
Day 4 = post 2 products
Day 6 = post 2 products
Day 8 = post 3 products
Day 10 = post 3 products

Continue those increments until you get to 20 products and once you hit 500 followers per account start recycling those same 20 products.

When you start recycling products use the same increments as above for a few weeks and then start to add more products so in the end you have 70 unique products posting over the week everyday recycling 10 unique products.

Depending what time zone you are in depends on what the best ties are for posting.
The USA still outperforms all other countries for fashion and so you should base your posting times on that time zone.

I post every hour from midnight until about 10-11 am but I may soon cluster the posting to midnight, lunch and evening as they are the best times. I am doing alot of testing right now as I like to do things outside of the box from time to time.

To give you a very rough guestimate on how long it takes to start making $500 a day from this method is
my mentor took 6 months to make that amount. I myself are only about a month into this method and are seeing results already which is great.

As I said earlier I wont post any totals of what my income is a day or my mentors but if you do the math with the formula above is you can work it out for yourself.

I have 75 accounts as I write this and growing daily. I still work full time at my grind job so account creation does not go as fast as it could if I was free to control my hours.

My mentor has 15K IG accounts and a team of 20 people working for him.
Pretty much out of charity he coached me through his method as I knew nothing about proxies or how to go under the radar.

If you can create accounts with proxies and create custom bitly link watermarks for your products/images then thats it, thats the method in it’s simplest form. Yes there is a knack on researching for trending products and using the filters in aliexpress but theres a ton of tutorials out there you can watch about all that.

Its a marathon, not a sprint.
Yes they are spam accounts but they are done prudently.


That is a smart idea of watermarking your pics to specific product pages, i am going to steal that from you and twist it a little, thanks @Soulkreed :slight_smile:

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You meant to say, that people are willing to open up a browser and type in the bitly links? And your accounts don’t use any links in the bio?


No problem, I wish u well.

That’s correct. It’s not that dissimilar to snapchat really.
People do type them in if they are small bitly links
IE : etc etc
Stay away from google shortened links, they are to hard type.

If there is a passionate following of a certain niche, i do believe they are willing to do anything to get their hands on it. I think @tagging the main account in the photos will be much more profitable.

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I have thought of that also but the thing that stops me from doing that is that it leads back to your main IG account wherein it’s likely trackable from your spam accounts and IG may disable all accounts inclusive. links are safer than that ( not foolproof ) and harder for bots to find if not impossible at the moment.
If the links that lead back to your website are something IG questions u about is one could simply say that I have affiliates working for me and thus point the finger of punishment that way rather than admit they are yours.

Harder to sell the affiliate answer to IG with @tagnames pointing to your main IG account because there’s no way that I know of how to segregate affiliate sales from your own coming/going through it.

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I don’t know if you are using it, but the good old discount trick does the job for IG / Snapchat. On some posts instead of advertising certain items, advertise a discount on your shop, this will drive more traffic.

Edit: Now that I’m thinking about it here’s another trick that might work: write something like this in your specific item caption “double tap to get 25% discount”. You don’t have to have any kind of system working behind the scenes, just discount the item on the store for all users.
This will achieve 2 things: make the users curious about how this system might work, they will visit your shop just to check; increase your engagement, even if they won’t think about buying it or visiting, their brain will think that they still will win something by double tapping “hey, I just saved 10$”.


Instead of watermarking bitly links, could I just watermark the name of my website?

Sure u can but custom shortened easy to type bitly links are better.

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@soulkreed If you don’t mind me asking, how much are you making on IG currently? I understand you’re new to IG marketing (from what I know) so I was just curious if you’re on the right path. A bit of a personal question so you don’t gotta answer :slight_smile:

mmm, that’s quite arguable… how’s it easier/better to type “” instead of “”… to be honest, don’t see your point there, maybe you can explain further :slight_smile:

Yeah I see your point, guess i didn’t really think that one through. Just going off what my mentor told me to do.