Red warning block at top of profile

Has anyone seen this type of block before? Even when I’m just scrolling down the feed without clicking anything, it shows up at the top of this profile.

If you search, this has been covered quite a few times. And like buttholes, everyone has an opinion on it.

In my own research, it means you are doing too many actions and are sending out too many API calls.

You can test this for yourself by stopping all actions and waiting thirty minutes to an hour. You’ll notice it’s only when the tools run. This is a good sign to lower your number of actions per hour as well as whatever actions you need to the bare minimum for growth and engagement.

Proxies also matter here.

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Thanks @wortime. I need to be more savvy while searching - every time I type something, it tells me no results. This is a new client. Signed her up an hour ago. Noticed no actions were being performed and then she messages me that she got this warning.

She used a growth service prior to me and now I’m wondering if I made a mistake by taking her on. I’ve stopped all actions for now and will start it again in a couple hours. Also reduced them to 2 - 5 follows per hour and nothing else.

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Oh, what kind of proxies do you use? She likely did use a bad service which used bad proxies before you.

I would do low value actions. Like comments, view stories etc. basically anything you can do for up to a week. Rest it for at least 1 day before you do that. Mix in 2-3 days of random follow and unfollow, avoid likes and after follow likes for a while.

If someone’s used a service before mine I either make them wait at least two weeks before I bring them on or I give them a “trial” period where I see if I can even work with their account.

Don’t forget to let them know that it’s due to whoever they used before you (and probably why they left) and that it might take a few extra days to find the right settings because they abused her account.

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I am using dedicated proxies from MPP and everything’s been smooth sailing for the most part. I said I was going to stop all activity for today to rest and we’ll do a week or so warm up period where she probably won’t see any growth. So I’ll start those low value actions on Sunday.

She also told me she stopped appearing in hashtags and her engagement tanked. Uggghh.

Probably not a good idea to add her just as a receiver to the LE tool either?

If someone’s used a service before mine I either make them wait at least two weeks before I bring them on or I give them a “trial” period where I see if I can even work with their account.

Good to know about this. I’ll ask before I take on any client from now on.

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In addition to wortime’s comments I’d also approach the client and make sure she’s not using any other services as well. I’ve known some clients thinking if one service is good, two is better or they’ll hire me but continue having the other company work off the rest of their term at the same time.

But yeah if she is just working with you @wortime has it nailed on the head. Drop your actions to virtually nothing sticking to things that don’t matter much, turn liking/commenting/etc off and maybe even use a secondary account to scrape the prospective followers instead of having that account do it.

Hopefully after a while IG will loosen its grip.

Stay FAR away from the LE for this client until you’re sure you’ve rebuilt her account’s trust…even with receiving (at least that’s my advice).


Honestly when it comes to clients I don’t fool around. It’s just not worth it, and I sleep better. Buy mobile or residential IP’s.

She sounds like a terrible client that’s going to give you a LOT of problems. I used to have an open enrollment website and the majority of clients you get are like this.

Honestly, used correctly the LE is fine, I just give 10 - 20% extra likes depending on their engagement. I would not give her any likes unless she requests them.

To sum it up (so you have some ammo), she used another service which likely tanked her Trust Score. They probably abused the heck out of her account. Use this is leverage since it’s also likely true.

You are not using mobile or residential proxies, I would change this ASAP, but thats me.

Her excuse of:

I would go through her account with a fine toothed comb now. Make sure she is actually “shadow banned”. Find out when she used the other service last and then check her engagement levels etc. Check the accounts that liked her posts etc. It’s entirely likely that the past people also used some fake likes so she see’s the drop in likes as a shadow ban instead of knowing that the likes were artificial. All of it. She’s gonna give you a hard time as client.

  • Rest the account for minimum 1 day.
  • Low value (weight, whatever you want to call it as long as it’s not a like or follow) and increase those daily with lots of breaks and days off.
  • Finally add in follows, but avoid likes or like after follow, but make everything very random.
  • After a week or so, give it a 1 - 2 day break. Then start an actual warmup period.
  • As I was typing @Tacos responded before I could. Use a slave account for scraping the follows etc, but also use regular follows(hashtags etc) so that it’s varied.
  • Keep actions at around 30 per hour for the first month and only necessary actions (follow, unfollow, but not at same time), and no other actions except on a “rest” day.
  • Please use nightmode until her account works again if ever.

Last but not least, offer the warmup period “complimentary” while you work on her account. You took her account on after all, if you value her and you give her value, she will stick around and or recommend.

EDIT: The coffee finally kicked in ok?


Lol what kind of coffee do you drink? I’m trying to buy some.

You ll spend more time and resources dealing with this client than looking for a new one, i would get rid of her, imo.

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Looking for a new brand myself. Starbucks is out, Caribou is out, so is Peets.

@ian sent me some beans he roasted himself and I am convinced he should start selling it online.


You are not using mobile or residential proxies, I would change this ASAP, but thats me.

I’m going to look into getting some now while I’m not doing anything on her account.

I did look through the hashtag galleries of the ones in her most recent post and she’s not showing up in any of them. She said it’s been like that for 10 days (since last Tuesday). And she supposedly only quit the other service 2 days ago but only used them for 3 days then cancelled because something weird was going on with her account.

So, looks like she got shadowbanned first and then decided to hire some shady growth service? Great.

I told her they likely damaged her account even more and we need to build her trust score. Gave her the plan of action but also that I can’t guarantee anything.

I will start the process of your bullet points on Monday. Do you think I should stay logged into her account? I don’t want me logging in and out to flag something else.

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That’s what I’m afraid of. Definitely not charging enough to deal with issues like this. I’ll try for a week.

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What do you mean, stay logged in?

Did you follow her on one profile and see the post, unfollow, refresh and see if that post is still in the same position?

Her post is not showing up in the hashtag galleries at all. As a follower and a non-follower of her account. I tried from two different accounts.

What do you mean, stay logged in?

I’m currently logged into her account but all activity is OFF

If her posts aren’t showing up at, make a test in real time. Find a hashtag that’s seldom used and check right after a post. If it’s not showing up even if followed then that’s… not good at all.

It doesn’t matter if you are “logged in” or not if actions are off.

Nano-influencers ftw! hahaha perfect recurring product lol

In my 2+ years of client management, I’ve never gotten any PVs, blocks. I don’t do any liking on the accounts or I do something ridiculously low and spread out (20 likes per day). I do half the number of daily actions that’s recommended to do. Gotten through all those block waves when other people were complaining - some were using mobile proxies. Do you think I should still move my clients over to mobile proxies? Not sure if I should be fixing something if it’s not broken.

Would mobile proxies make it safer to push the accounts harder to get them more/faster results and growth?

Tim Minchin reference on the butthole?