[REDDIT] Are Social Media Gurus the New MLM?

Very interesting read, and the way the industry is moving I have to agree with what the comments are saying.


Social media gurus burn out and fade away much faster and at a much higher rate than entrepreneurs who actually possess skills and know what they’re doing.

I think the problem is that people assume that social media gurus are successful, even when they try and rant about how they’re scamming people, etc.

90% of these social media gurus aren’t even at the point of being able to scam people because they suck so bad at what they do. Most of these gurus haven’t even been able to sell their course to a single person.

The owner of Infusionsoft (I believe) has 400 followers on Instagram and is worth $100+ million. Literally 99.9% of the people I ever listen to or speak to who are incredibly successful wouldn’t be caught dead trying to grow a “personal brand” on social media.


I see this guy(vick strizheus) everywhere without giving exact information how to make it works, just BS talk, talk and talk.

He always come with new course name and car :lollipop: and talk same shit every month.

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I thought personal branding was simply just to build awareness around the services, just to make for easier referrals.