Reddit Automation Bot

Is there any bot which i can use to send messages automatically to subreddit users

Bumping this. Would like to know of a reddit not aswell.


I’ve seen several on BHW, but no idea if they work well. I know Reddit has been actively fighting botting just like IG.

nice but that links to a paid forum not the actual software

I’ve been using BHT bot for 2 years now. It gets updated quite often and just works.
You can get it as a subscription (47$ monthly for all apps or 29$ monthly for one bot) or lifetime license that is I think 199/249 but I’m not sure about that one since I bought it a long time ago

This is literally the only post you made, I would avoid all bots mentioned above.

I joined back in 2017. I really don’t use forums much, mostly because of people who see everything as an attempt of promotion or a way to somehow take their money. I’ve got better things to do.
I’ve probably spent over 5k on various Reddit bots in the past 4 years but they all stopped working in a matter of weeks/months.
If there’s a better one and you know it - why don’t you share it? I’ll gladly buy it to test it out myself :slight_smile:
I just shared a fact that BHT indeed does work, the GUI is outdated and it can be buggy/it can break for a day or two but it does the job.

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Yes I agree, bht is an amazing forum, you got massive amounts of bots for a monthly subscription. The owner was among the first one to make good insta and facebook bots, he made a killing with it, but fb sent him cease and desist, so now he works with other networks.

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