Reddit Marketing: How to Find and Close Leads using Reddit


Nowadays, most marketers use Facebook and Instagram to perform direct message marketing but how about trying to make the most out of Reddit to get your leads? Sounds interesting or nah?

Whether you have tried Reddit Automation before or not, you might want to check out this amazing tool called Howitzer. Finding potential prospects on Reddit and beginning interactions with them are automated with this program. This tool helps you initiate conversations giving you the opportunity to convert leads into clients.

If you want to know more about it, check out this guide below.

  1. Register on the site and get started with a free trial so you can test it prior to monetary commitment.

  1. After signing up and confirming your email address, start with setting up your target users. You have to decide the keyword/s you want so the tool can scrape your target audience.

In this case, I chose something related to social media automation.

  1. Pick what can of users you want to scrape, would you like to target users who posted only or commented only or did either of the two using your chosen keywords. Moreover, you need to select the timeline when the post or comment has been published.

When done, you can click “get users” right away.

  1. Now, you can proceed to Message Automation settings.

4a. Message options. Choose which users’ list you want to use for the campaign. Start with 10 messages per day as means of warming up and increase gradually as days pass by.

4b. Compose a Message.

4c. Message Paraphrasing. After composing your original message, it is also important to create more versions of it to decrease the chance of your account being blocked due to spamming.

Good thing! This tool provides different versions of your messages which were generated by their AI. Nevertheless, always check the message before including it in the campaign to make sure everything looks and sounds right.

When done with the set-up, click “start campaign”.

  1. Dashboard. You may go to your dashboard to check the status of your campaign.

  1. Always check your Inbox. Prospects might sent you responses right away once they get your messages.

As always, there is no one-size-fits-all formula on how you will succeed in Reddit Marketing but one thing is for sure, with the right combination of effective messages and suitable target users, you may be on your way to closing deals with your biggest clients.

If you have any questions any questions about this guide, please feel free to leave your comments and messages below!


Interesting but overpriced, don’t think you can get a positive ROI with the pricing. Also can’t you do this via Jarvee atm?

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Thank you for sharing! how many DMs do you usually send per day after warming up the account by sending 10 DMs per day? Is there a temporary block on Reddit like on IG or will reddit just ban our account if we send too many DMs?


Извините, но вы можете сделать гораздо больше через Jarvee, чем в вашем сервисе, и то, что делает ваш сервис, также может быть сделано в Jarvee.

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Hi @iamxher099 actually, I have not fully launched a full campaign for it so I cant give you the stats. But you may check their testimonials here: Howitzer — The First Reddit Marketing Automation Tool

Hi @ossi you can actually send up to 300 DMs per day with Howitzer. Since it’s still an automation software, the risk of being banned is really possible but you are paying for the software itself and you dont need to connect your own Reddit. So, Howitzer is the one who solves the block problem at the back end.

Hi @slash_smm not sure if I translated it right but this is not our own software. I was just making a guide of a new software based on our experience and yes, Jarvee has more features but this one focuses on DMs only.

No marketing intented. I am just sharing some info :wink:

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$299 lol to send a 100 odd mesaages a day

You could buy 10 reddit accounts and use jarvee to do the same for $29 a month


100 msgs a day, considering a realistic and probable conversion of 0.01% would net you exactly 1 potential lead every 3 months. For only 299/month?

Marketing is still a numbers or fools game.

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and my discord is @SatoshiMafia#1897
you can contact me on telegram @FiazAhmad

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Hi Fiaz! Will shoot you a dm on Telegram.

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I am waiting for your DM

fyi, Howitzer suggests 50 DMs per account daily max. @Tal_Klinger how did your campaigns go btw? Quite sad that their DM’ing service had to go private