Rediffmail forward emails

I do not know how to forward the rediffmail’s emails to my gmail or other mail.

I have googled this question. But the method did not work for me.
Anyone can help?

Login to your Rediffmail account.
The browser location will look like Replace container#Inbox with forwardyourmails?action=forwardmails&email=YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS&leavecopy=1
Enter the email ID that you want to forward your Rediffmail email to and you are done!

After I did those, it said:
You have not specified any email address to which you would like your emails forwarded.

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Here’s your best shot : @BrandonBerner :smiley:

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UNFORTUNATELY, RediffMail does not support email forwarding anymore. They used to in the past, however they disabled it since so many people were abusing it.

You can still access all your RediffMail from one source by using an Email Client.

Take a look at the guide:
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