Reels Location Based?

Hi everyone,

I am currently reposting my TikToks and creating also new content for reels. My content is doing okay ( could be better) but I’ve noticed that if it’s getting pushed out on explore it’s only shown to people from my country. Is there any way to show your content to an other audience? Right now I’m just reaching Germans.

Also, What are your tips and tricks to go viral?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


hey @mjjs33 :slight_smile: I don’t have much experience with Reels yet, but when it comes to viral content you can find a few interesting topics here on the forum:

That’s everyone’s dream, to get our posts viral :smiley: Maybe try using good hashtags to expand your reach.

I have the same problem, i post 3 times a day, 1 reel 1 photo and 1 carousel, when posting pictures and carousels and stories i see likes and followers from my niche so they are engaging, but when i post reels i got all sorts of followers, the ones without profile picture, the ones that are not engaging and on top of that they are all from my country, they are now 10% of my audience.
I wish someone would help us here.