Reels Question - Original Audio vs. Library Audio

Hi all,
I have recently started posting reels on Instagram. I have observed that posting reels with audio from the Instagram library gain more views than posting with the original audio.

Did you guys also observe a similar thing?

Also, can you guys share some tips to keep in mind before posting reels?


I did not notice that, but I think it’s better to change the original audio.

What I found is that posting to reels without sharing the reel to wall get less views than posting it to reels section and sharing to wall.

I would agree with this as not all countries have Reels yet, and the only way for them to see Reels is when it’s published on the wall (they see it on the latest feed posts).

I don’t think that’s the case, posting with IG audio or original audio won’t affect your reach but the content quality is, you can try them both for the same content and see how it goes.

Will try experimenting with the audio of reels and update on this thread.

Thanks for the information.
I have posted a couple of reels with a similar content and similar audio and they have almost similar views. I want to experiment with different audios and check how it affects the number of views

yes that’s sounds good, let me know how it goes i’m curious about the results.