Refollowing users on new account

I was thinking about this idea. Since starting Jarvee I’ve followed/unfollowed hundreds of thousands of people but only a percentage followed me back. Many of those people probably didn’t follow back because my account was new and not super interesting yet. Since then my account is way better with a lot more followers.

Has anyone copied their follow sources to a new account that doesn’t yet have a black list formed so that you can now follow many of these people a second time?

Maybe this is a crazy idea…

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If you mean to follow them again with the original account for the second time, you are just risking getting reported as spam. You have better chances with finding and using sources with high FB ratio, rather than following the same users again

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I’ve followed my followers on different accounts in the same niche and had a good follow back rate.

@andbogi is right.

Before you know it people will be tagging you in stories or posts openly proclaiming that you’re using the FU method.

If however you mean re-targeting those people with a high follow back ratio on a different and separate account, then go for it.