Regarding Instagram Account trust score

If we login from Other country, then it affect on it’s trust score ? The account is based in USA.

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i think so , that would def be a trust factor

since the IP serves as a geo location

Thank you brotha

Depends I guess.
I travelled a lot so my Main Account gets logged in from different Wifis and Mobile Data.
I don’t think it matters with mobile Proxy’s. But probably with DC Proxy

Proxy location doesn’t usually make a difference. My proxies are from different locations, and I rotate between them without issue.

Switching from mobile to residential or dc constantly will bring issues after awhile.


Hey Buddy,

We are able to create proxies almost from every location :earth_africa:

Feel free to take a look at my sales thread, we are also not reselling proxies, just creating new ones.

For example I have noticed that after change proxies to same location as my clients are, I am getting less ACs (mostly none).

Agree with @Derdam. If you use mobile proxy, it is very reasonable to log in from different countries, many travel influencers should do this.

Yes you can but not changing your location too often. Just think like a traveller who travel around countries, how often they change their location? Maybe few days should be okay.

It’s not safe. If one account is operating same time
From different country is not genuine.

Is this work for manual growth ? I want to handle USA clients from Canada in my own phone.

I am totally lost what these days mean a manula growth.

Do you mean if I click it by my own on phone?

Hell no…

It all depends. As an example with trust score, if you have a device id in JV that has a high trust factor and you reset device id, you will be able to do a bit less, but if your device id is trash from too many actions etc. then a device id is a good thing. The same goes with location.