Regarding Twitter account freezing, are there any rules/methods to follow?

I currently have 100 Twitter accounts, which are working well, but today I logged into one of the accounts and found that it was frozen by Twitter, either requiring phone number verification or freezing.

Regarding the reason, I was thinking about what went wrong. This account has been working well for two months and has hundreds of fans. There has been no request for phone number verification before. I guess there are two reasons. aspect.

Every two days, I will post the same tweet from dozens of accounts at different time periods, and at different times, each account will post one. Does this cause Twitter to think that the account is a spam account?

For another reason, I am thinking whether the number of unfollows has not kept up. This account can track about 100 people a day, but my unfollow settings are 1-2/10-20. Regarding the unfollow settings, is there any Can someone give me a suggestion, that is, relative to the number of followers, what amount of unfollows should be maintained every day?

Thank you, if you also encounter the same problem, welcome to discuss~

Likely this. You’d be surprised how sensitive Twitter is on the spam/fraud detection.
If its a pattern they can detect, their AI algo will flag first, manually review later.

I watched an interview where Jack talked about the philosophy behind Twitter moving forward, & this was covered there for the sake of user experience.

So you really are at the mercy of that pattern detection algo.

Thanks for your answers, how can I get out of this mode? Randomize? But that kind of workload will increase a lot

This could be the reason. Do you use the same text as well for the posts? Is there any link in the tweet? Also you shouldn’t run many accounts on the same proxy.

A porxy runs an account, the content is somewhat different, not exactly the same, and no link is posted

i also get this on few accounts when i do alot of actions on new, a week or month old accounts, how many actions you do?

You mean you have one proxy per account?
When it comes to the content, you can try to use spinning syntax to make your posting more natural. This thread can help:

I follow, unfollow, and like

Rotation grammar, yes, thanks for your reminder

happy to help :slight_smile: it takes some time to create it, but its worth it if you want to keep your accounts safe and actions stable.