Regarding YouTube Services

Hi!! I want to learn about how to make money from youtube videos. Can anyone suggest some methods to make money ?.

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You already decided that you want to make money with youtube? But you made that decision without knowing how? :thinking:
As this is a forum about automation I would think about how to get fake views and fake clicks on ads.

It’s important that you read YouTube Monetization Policies - How YouTube Works first if you want to make money via YouTube.

Then, you can use to automate your actions in growing your account faster.

Jarvee is the best automation app, which you can use to grow your Youtube and start making money out of it.

Regarding Youtube, good content is everything. You gotta have amazing ideas and amazing content to be able to make a living out of Youtube. So go for something you are good at and if you are able to transpose it to videos, I am sure that you’ll succeed.

First you need to make an google account and decide your niche and then make good content on it in the form of video and upload it