Registering a domain for re-activating an account

I have an idea. Imagine your username is “helloworld”. and for some reason instagram disables it (for example impersonation). After this you register “ or .net” domain, apply to instagram, send them the proof of domain registration.

have you ever tried this?

This is like shooting in the air,this is just a guess of yours and a domain can’t prove that the account is yours.

Unfortunately you come up with and I come up with,does it matter?

Even if it did work, no clue one way or the other, they could easily check registration date and see that was done the day of (or a few days before) and consider it a spam/hijacking tactic, although that’s not to say they’d ever investigate but maybe the admin backend has checks for pulling all sorts of data like that already.

Could be worth experimenting with either way :slight_smile:

Instagram won’t give an account back just because you created a domain name that has the same username even if they leave the proof up to you they still have some specific requirements that can prove you are the owner.