Regular Proxy/Mobile Proxy - TRACKING

As I am not sure about the linking rules I just paste the screenshots. Its not my text it’s by a proxys selling company. Even though the text states regular proxys will be detected anyway (which ofc is not true) I think it’s a good read. Helped me to understand a little bit.


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Helpful post thanks

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Here is a similar article, telling the difference between residential and datacenter proxies. Explaining why one is more favorable then the other, as well as the reason why using multiple accounts on the same proxy isn’t a wise idea always. Another thing explained is the price difference, and why one is alot more than the other.

It’s written in lamen terms, so it should be useful to anyone who is new to automation and is stuck between which they want to invest in. This isn’t my website and I’m not affiliated with it by any means just for clarity.


Mobile Proxies are like ninjas :sunglasses:


@kripke there is nothing to add, maybe except UA identification. Usually, it depends on the software where u r using the proxy.

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thx for the input

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yes, i just like a miss clicked and it absolutely changed the gist :wink:

Have a small question: When I create an account with the browser and i use Random user Agent. I can change it for example to Android mobile chrome. But thats my question. Is it smart to change the user Agent in the browser? or is it more likely to get detected when you do it? or doesnt it make a difference?

Or is it as the article states and they detect all regular proxys anyway and just do nothing against them?

It’s a good question. IG doesn’t detect that u change user agent if software or plugin u r using for is made correctly.
IG detects the user agent u r using (not exactly the process). But u have to understand except of UA - there a lot of other factors, such as DNS, screen resolution, java. And simple changing UA may not help.

It works in a next way: first identification is by definition. To understand the IP belongs to the company or real user.
Next identification is to check is it used a proxy.

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thank you

I would love to know how IG detects Jarvee Post feature, when I used it with datacenter proxies got banned all the time now using with 4G no bans at all.

IG just got more aware of posting and reposting, it’s not only jarvee.

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They detect not the way u post a pic. They detect IP u r using for posting.
Its very easy to check.


Maybe because until recently you were not able to post from your pc. On the other hand on the mobile phone you were able to post as usual and there are a lot of repost apps too. Correct me when I’m wrong but I think there were no repost programs/apps for the pc.

@intadog kindly tell me what 4G are you using ?