Relaxing, Chilling and Vibing. Is there a difference?

I’ve been interested in this for a while now, and I always wondered if there’s a real difference between relaxing, chilling and vibing. I personally think that there is a difference. I think that relaxation is something that is kind of boring, or something that will make you want to go to sleep. Vibing has a lot to do with music, and the music has to match the kind of environment you are in. Chilling is a nice balance between both of them. I know that this is a bit random, but I was wondering what you al think. I’ll list a few examples of what I think to be vibey music below. When it comes to this kind of music, I care more about how it sounds overall than the lyrics.


For all 3, I do it all with music, but different ones though.

For Relaxing I go with Enya, love listening to her when I’m in the spa, oh I can smell those minty oils whenever I hear this… :grin:

Vibing and Chilling, not much difference for me, this is one of my jams :wink:

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Yeah I also think the type of music depends on the environment you are in

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