Reliable storyviewer

Hello friends

I have a question, I want to use a good, reliable storyviewer for a verified costumer (200.000 followers)

they told me to not use third parties cause that will f*ck my engagement up

Any suggestions?

Jarvee has reliable Story Viewer tool that you could use. I’m just not sure what do you mean not to use third parties, since every automation tool is like a third party, right?


What i meant is like when you google “story viewer” you got a lot of websites selling it.

You have any suggestions besides Jarvee?

Jarvee always gives me blocks etc

I want one that is clear and simple

He means that he wants a cloud-base story viewer process tool which is reliable, with a dashboard and scam-free.

For the settings part, he’s looking for a tool that has a very-high story viewing rate limit, which isn’t the case with Jarvee as you won’t be able to tick 50k views.

@Jayden I don’t think many users here use Story Viewing. It’s a 2019 - 2020 thing. Might still be worth it for verified accounts, you might want to check the same online tools that were already working months ago, that everybody knows (won’t quote here).

I would not play with it. It not works anymore and no results even for verified accs like denis said its 2019-20 thing, don’t waste time and money. You will get scammed or worse, lose account with some dangerous services.

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Thanks for the info!

I really thought it was still a good thing

I know some people that still do it and get Results. Its just not like the old days. 2019-2020 and the Millions of Story Views per day was nice. After that the Mass Story Voting was nice as well! But to be honest most people that still use that do it at a slow speed every day.

With the lack of targeting / filtering, I feel these tools are a small complement but never a real growth strategy

Jarvee is probably much much more reliable and safe than any other cloud-based or api based app so in my opinion, if you are afraid of using Jarvee then you should be even more afraid of using other 3rd party tools :smiley:

there are some users that still use story viewing from time to time but not much, as recommended above, Jarvee is still working fine you can use the story viewer tool, as for the blocks it’s just a matter of settings, proxies, and safe use. if you get all this right you should be fine.