Remember to diversify your Social Media

Been seeing plenty of F.U.D and worries about Jarvee and Instagram client management. If any of you have been in Social Media for a while you should all know that its very important to invest into other ways to monetize Social Media.

I think people are too complacent when they focus all their income into one Social Media and honestly whether things are going amazing/terribly, its time to figure out multiple income streams.

Many people I know made tons of $$$ off Instagram shoutouts/Twitter promos with their large Instagram accounts and last year Instagram/Twitter did a huge purge which banned a huge amount of large pages that were practically the account owner’s livelihood. They never expected it to happen and many were crippled financially by losing their accounts.

I’m not saying Jarvee is done for but I want you guys to remember that you need to have a good spread in different Social Media Marketing tactics. Personally I think Facebook Ads is an extremely good way to make money and I think everyone should look for more opportunities in order to have a more secure backup plan

Would love to hear other things people are doing besides Instagram management below :smiley:


Agreed. Google Ads are still strong. Managing and promote youtube videos for money is good business too!

I can easily sell 10k real views for 50-60$ with my own 20$-30$ profit per 10k views, i’m just not good in finding customers in bulk yet imo.


Also forgot to mention, by diversifying you’re literally creating more up-sells for your services.

Facebook Ads work amazing with Instagram management -> Both work amazing for e-commerce -> Google analytics works amazing with all sites… etc


There are a lot of additional options :slight_smile:

  • handwriting and fondness
  • Looking at History
  • Online training
  • IG surveys
    -Facebook ADS
  • Leading the profile by the client
    Etc …
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Yep, I am 100% with you!

We have to remember that blackhat things will be patched in the future, as always, they don’t last forever!!

Even though I didn’t loosed the hope and motivation, not putting all eggs in one basket was also one of the biggest learnings of the last two months for me.

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Agree bro!

Currently in our agency we put strong pressure on Facebook ads. Within 5 days we acquired 1500 new followers for one of our clients using ads :fire:

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Sorry, Instagram dude here, where can I buy real YouTube views that will stay?

Using a bunch of IG acconts to grow a snapchat account (growing at 100+ followers per day).
Finished 2 eBooks which i plan to sell on Amazon,trying to understand Amazon at the moment.I am planing a cold email campaign to promote my books.I have an email server and amazon SES preparing a campaign to promote my Amazon Books.
I have a youtube channel and i created videos for several months worth of upload material.I just haven’t had the time to start uploading.Youtube has been a long time passion of mine.
Finished a site where i plan to expand the Blog section and try to rank organicaly,eventualy hoping to promote CPA offers and products.
Dropshipping site is up, just need to work on it and find products.Plan to use my IG network to promote products from my dropshipping site.
Planing to become a seller on CPA networks,let other people do the work and offer a hefty comision.
Sadly to many ideas,to little time…

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Linkedin is HOT now


How much did you pay for those 1500 followers through ads? What was the account niche?