Renaming an Instagram Account

Hey all,

I created an instagram account a few months ago to hold the brand name so no one else registers it. I have another account in the same niche and I was planning on renaming it to the brand name.

For eg, lets say the account is: nike

  1. Rename nike to nike1. Change the email to a non branded one (ie, yahoo)
  2. Rename the other account to nike and add the branded email.

Would this raise any red flags with Instagram? I don’t want to risk losing the niche account name. I assume both instances also should be done with different IPs as you don’t want to raise huge red flags doing it all on the same machine.

Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.


I did the same thing a couple of months ago and I didn’t think about using different IPs and haven’t noticed any problems.

But it definitely won’t hurt to be extra careful, especially if the account is important. I think you should be safe with the method you described.

I think there’s no problem. But in your situation, I would make this change in the phone (not in a computer or bot), so that IG gets less suspicious.

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Question though, why would you even change the mail? Just use a reliable email service so instagram has no red flags from the start

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