Reopening the marketplace

I know many of you wanted this and we got a lot of requests about them, sorry it took so long but it’s finally here.

We’re re-opening the marketplace - again :slight_smile: . It was open actually but no new threads were approved. From now on we’ll be actively checking everything and reviewing all new threads as well as going through all the old ones and checking to see if everything is in order.

Bare with us a little more as this will take a couple of days, we will respond to everything soon though.

I’ve updated the marketplace rules, you can see them here : 👮‍♀️ PLEASE READ: MPSocial Marketplace Rules & Regulations 2021

Also feel free to say hi to our new marketplace moderators @milina and/or @mommyfats , they will be the ones taking care of everything!


that’s some good news for all the sellers out there. Welcome @milina and good luck with your tasks! :slight_smile:

Nice to hear it’s open again :slight_smile:

Just a quick question - I sent samples and short description of my service to @HenryCooper since he was taking care of the vetting so should everyone who’ve done that just wait or send new samples and description to @milina ?

I will forward everything, don’t worry. It is our job as moderators to get that done for you! :partying_face:


It’s nice to hear that. Great news. Thanks guys. :pray:

Feeling very nice after seeing this, finally on mp social :blush: . Thanks for the support we try our best to gain the trust of this firm.
And also have a quick ques, I also sent some of samples to @HenryCooper and i also got vetting from him. So whats the new process can i send new samples to @milina or the vetting will help me out.

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He already answered this - all the messages are forwarded - just wait.

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Just contacted @milina and @HenryCooper , please let me know if i can provide samples.


@AccsSeller yes provide them new one, I also provided new one :wink:

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Thank you for the answer , i sent just a message without accounts , to make sure the marketplace works.

Time to send the samples then as suggested :slight_smile:

Hi ,

I have sent the sample to @milina , just posting here in case my message is forgotten due to many requests,

Thanx again for opening the marketplace

Yes its 15days when i provided the samples to @milina but they replied that whenever they test them they will definitely tell us… Have patience buddy @AccsSeller i am also waiting

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Oh , thanx for the information.

I guessed my message was lost in the growd and i didn;t get and a reply so i know i must wait.