Replicating My Personal Brand For Lead Generation At Scale

So here is what I am trying to accomplish…need some advice and will also pay for someone to speed up the process for me.

I am going to be creating replica accounts of my personal brand / biz account on IG (very good content, very real) which is also the face of the entire Business.

I’ll be posting highlights, posts, stories, etc.

I am buying aged accounts and will be revamping the profiles.

I will then be manually going in and following 50 targeted users, liking 3-4 posts, leaving a comment and sending a DM for each IG account.

then i will be using Flowchart to manage dms, follow ups, etc.

From my research so far, seems like Su Social is the go to (forgot my jarvee / mp logins) fml


  1. I have all my content and want to upload them without doing it manually, I have VAs but this method I plan to scale out to the hundreds of accounts.

  2. Can you create an excel sheet with captions, hashtags, images, etc then upload it to SU Social?

  3. Can publish the same stories / posts to multiple accounts at the same time?


  1. Should Su Social be installed on a VPS?

  2. If I am connecting my accounts to Su Social and also will be having my team manually engaging (either via 1 chrome account per IG acocunt or buy smart phones / sims (not sure best method) how many proxies per x accounts

  3. Has anyone done this before?

Feel free to DM to connect and talk this out or post in here. Willing to share ideas, strategies, etc.

Start with 3-5 accounts & figure out what works then scale up
You are going to face too many issues / unknowns to properly address it here