Reply to Story After View, Account Banned!

Hay Guys,
Have you guys ever experience like that “Reply to story after view”, my account got banned! I just reply some emoji like “:heart: | :heart_eyes: | :yum:” Are you guys use this feature in jarvee? Let me know guys or recommend me to use this feature SAFE setting.

I’ve stopped using emoji for a very long time, it’s just a pure spam. But if you still want to use it, then use it on your own post…Some action are pure spam, like DM after follow, Comment after follow…But like user post after follow that’s fine, but you should make variation on that as well, I mean do not like all user post after every follow, add some percentage like 60% to 70%.

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I use only 20%

IG is too strict bro, Just check my 50 new accounts and it have gotten ban 20% for no reason lol

I got 5 account bro :confused:

20% user post likes after every follow is fine, but only emoji comments on 20% after every follow that is not fine.

I’m not telling about the LIKE, I’m telling about the “Reply to Story Story View” I’m currently using story view tools.

Reply to story view is similar to comments, so don’t use it. I don’t know why you didn’t get that.

Thank you for your suggestion.

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I never run replies after story

Just try to write something more than just emoji. Four words is a minimum for me and I don’t have problems with comment function or replies after story.


How old are your accounts and what proxies? I havent used comments in ages but i’d love to again

Ages 1 year and i’m using private proxy.

Thank you for suggestion. Can you please suggest me some random comment that you are using?

{You have been super active on IG lately!:sunglasses:|I love your latest posts}
-some okayish example. Push this spintax to about 10-15 variables.