Reply Tool - Twitter M/C

Hi guys!

I’m in the game something like 2 years and so far from what I saw the most effective tool specially for the M/C method on Twitter, that’s the reply tool.

Reply tool + good copy = Winning formula.

But there is no option to Reply on followers of my target accounts

and so far I’m always doing scraping to the followers of my target accounts and then adding the list on the reply tool manually.

I ask from the team if they can develop a tool that will do reply to the followers automatically and add it to the feature request.

I’ll be happy to hear from more Twitter users here that think this tool could be effective.
maybe they give to this feature higher priority if more people think that could help them!

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this may be a bit different from what you are saying but I would love to see a “keyword” triggered reply dm in Jarvee as well! I have found a way to do this but it’s with another tool that I connected to the Twitter API. what type of reply strategy are u currently using with your Twitter accounts that give you those good results?

If you’ve got suggestions regarding new features, it’s best to send them an Email with your suggestion.

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Hey everyone, super new here and still trying to work out what half the stuff you’re talking about means. But I’m into organic growth hacking and a friend sent me here to get some good tips on growth.

I’m guessing you’re using some kind of automated tools to do this. I’m using we-connect to do my linkedin outreach, then I use Apollo.o and Lemlist. But the told you guys are talking about seem way more fun. Where do I get them>

I’m also looking for something that can bump up my Twitter engagement. I did join a group and it’s actually really helped but a little more wont hurt.

More than willing to pay someone to show me the ropes. I run a multi 6 figure marketing agency but I’, on sales for the next quarter until we get an SDR in so I want to learn as much as possible.