Repost feauture Jarvee

Hi all

I am a bit new to the whole automation thing and i’m currently warming up my child accounts. As i am in the travel (couple) niche, i want to repost travel couple related stuff on those accounts.

Is it safe to use the repost feature on jarvee for those accounts? If so, how do I best apply it and with which settings? and when do I start?

Currently im warming up like this:
Verify - Rest 1 day, start with story views (1 day), start with post saves, then begin with follow / unfollow / likes on day 3-5.

The best way I would say is to use the Repost tool to send bunch of posts to the campaign list first. Also, make use of the spintax tool when using the Repost tool. With the posts in the campaign list, you have enormously more control on many things, like detailed scheduling, overview of the posts (you can remove some) etc.