Repost with the bots

I always wondered how can i use repost with bots because for growth account all what i do is pisting with my phone or posting 1 post with quick publish function i never tried repost as it seem a little bit difficult and i don’t to risk to spam or make some errors by posting a lot just because i want to try so that’s why i want to know how can i use repost proprely instead of quick publich or manual post with phone ?

Are you using jarvee? I use their repost feature. All I did was found some good sources, and then set up the tool so that it only posts viral content, by making sure the posts that jarvee picks have about 70% more engagement then the average amount of engagement on the account that posted the photo. Then I made some complex spintax to make the captions unique, made a big list of hashtags, so the hashtags are different on each post, and then I set it to post around 8 times a day.

Or if you’re just are having trouble finding viral content, you can have jarvee’s repost tool find the content and send it to a campaign and then you can create the clever captions

So you just take lot of pic source post their link in the repost tool paste a big list of hashtag and time your posts 1 by 1 how do you do it ?
Also about hashtag if you just paste all of them imagine if the bot take only the big ones it will have 0 effect on the post also for pics do you scrape links or download them how you do it ?

Concerning the hashtags, you can have two pools of them.

You could add the medium to high ones in one pool and the smaller to medium ones in the other pool. If you really want the smaller ones to be selected, you could add all of them to a single pool.