Reposting content from own account

So I’ve made a second personal account to test if the views were going to be better than my main account. I recorded and posted 4 vids and until now the views are doing much better on this new one.

I would like to repost content from my main to the new profile, already tried this:

  • downloading on website that downloads TT vids without watermark: result 0 views (stayed like this for over a day)
  • downloading the video from my main on the TT app with the watermark: result 0 views

You guys have any more ideas how to handle this? Thanks!

it has been 4 days since you posted, what about now? did the videos get any views?

Still haven’t figured this out yet, what I’m doing now is screen recording the drafts of the other account to also post on the new one. This works well.

Keep us updated!

Screenrecording is a good alternative, however it reduces the quantity of the video once you upload it again.