Reposting(horizontal) Insta/Youtube vids + AutoTokker Automation = 70k followers

I just wanted to make this topic for anybody struggling on TikTok. It can be super easy, even for people who aren’t content creators. I literally just repost(leaving it horizontal :joy:) viral videos from Youtube and Instagram, use a TikTok bot, stay consistent, and my account is growing extremely fast. 70k+ in like 2 months. Anybody can do this :money_mouth_face::hugs:

Hope this motivates people!


How do you post, manually?


Yeah, is there an autoposter out?

No clue, that’s why I’m asking :slight_smile:

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There is a possibility to post through TikTok official website (via Desktop) but much less options than on the phone.

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What type of bot do you use?


Will check it out, but what I am doing now is pretty simple

Autotokker follow/unfollow

Yesterday was a huge day for me :smile:

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I can tell! Any particular suggestion for new tokkers?

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Post high quality content as often as possible and don’t freak out when a video starts badly or one video does badly. The algorithm will work itself out. :slight_smile:

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Nice share ! You use # ?

Yes, usually ~4-7 hashtags per post. I’ve been experimenting with only using 1-2 as well. Will let you know

Hey there! I recently started a new Tik tok account. I’m reposting content from the travel niche but I just don’t know how to drive traffic to my page and make views.

Is using f/uf even useful on TikTok since people don’t really check the following tab right ?

Would really really appreciate some tips on how to get started !

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Try it for yourself haha. The followback rates are 10x what they’re on Instagram.

Hey man. I sent you a DM!

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