Reposting or unique content?

Just curious on what route the majority of you go down for growing niche accts?

Currently, I use the reposter for most of my accts however my settings seem pretty bad and I only repost around 1-2 max photos per day on each acct.

My setup is to repost every 200-400 mins, tag the original post user, delete the post if the caption is empty and only repost content with greater engagement of 10%. I also give credit in caption and use my own hashtags.

I’m not sure if this is the best route to go down or should I be really looking at scraping my own images and making campaigns for each acct?


Why not a combination? Mixing your own original content into repost accounts?

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I scrape most of my content from the web for most of my sites as they age I delete that content and start to ad original.

It really depends on how important the accounts is to you. Means for branding a page I would always make original content, unique captions, super relevant hashtags, etc. When its taking too much time you can outsource some tasks to virtual assistants. On the other side when you just want to grow some niche pages to sell them or create them in bulk for the mother/slave strategy then simple reposting will do the job.

You just have to do your own time/value calculation. :slight_smile:

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Maybe a combination would be the best bet i do usually repost to save time.

Any recommendations for scraping images?

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Try it out. As you said, is it worth the time is always the question to ask.

I do not have experiences with scraping so far, as I want to get hands on this topic in the near future too. But as I heard @intadog does. Maybe he can tell something about it. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate yeah ideally i don’t want to spend hours aday sorting out my posting as i currently run around 30 accounts.

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I mainly scrape content from tumblr to my main accounts, but I do repost too for secondary accounts. I think you should do a mix. Code or hire someone to code some script to sort it out.

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