Reposting others Tiktoks

I‘ve been testing around a lot with reposting others tiktoks for CPA marketing but the videos always end up with 0 views.

What I‘ve tested

• Using greenscreen filter on tiktok
• Mirror video
• Add filters
• Edit opacity
•Change Metadata

(On normal new iPhones & tiktok app btw)

The accounts are not shadowbanned or whatsoever…
It‘s just tiktok who’s still recognizing that it’s the same content.

Would appreciate any Ideas/Opinions on this;)

Anyone else seeing this? Would make it hard to do mother slave on.

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It probably depends on your setup, we’ve been reposting multiple times the same videos, over and over on 50+ accounts, and they have views (0 for some indeed, but that’s the algo - and sometimes it blows up).

You might be flagged by Tiktok from the start, you might first want to try posting unique videos and then see

I‘ve tried it with unique videos ofc and I got views on them. I‘m not shadowbanned it‘s just tiktok who doesn’t allow you to repost the exact same content in general I guess.

Well whats your setup if I may ask?

Yep. Not all of them, but most of them got 0.

Do you just repost or do you modify by adding your own hashtags etc?

How to know that my account is flagged or not.

Multiple things could lead you to that conclusion. You won’t be 100% sure it’s the case, but it’s all probability (history of account and current state of account).

I’m pretty sure that tiktok use an AI to detect already posted content

For example I have an account that repost content from others and 100% of the content is flagged as “Not Eligible for the recommendation in the For You Feed : unoriginal content”

I tried many things, resolution upscale, opacity change, border crop, exif remove… Nothing works, TikTok continue to detect the videos as “unoriginal content”. It’s not related to the account itself because when I post a random video made by myself, this video is not detected as “unoriginal content”

Yep. Ig also can tell if its unique now too. You can change the file ro make it appear unique but even then its very hit or miss.

Can you elaborate more on what you tried?