Reposting Post Caption Text - Keeping / Deleting usernames

I’m running into an issue where I’m wanting to make my repost a little more automated. I’m throwing everything into drafts now and editing as needed but I’d like to not edit as often as I am. My content is travel content and I have a very basic spin syntax where I’m pulling the location, giving credit via (Originalpostmentionedusers), follow my page and then hashtags. Easy enough.

The issue I’m running into is finding sources that only tag the actual creator. I do have some but some of my best sources are accounts that are promoting themselves in the post caption as well. What I’m trying to figure out is if I can remove one @ name while keeping the other @ name in the caption using spin syntax or if I can do (originalpostcaption) then have (original post no mentioned users) then add a user back in.

What I’d really like is to open a case with Jarvee and see if they could make a “remove all reference of ______” list that I could populate into post caption text. But I figured I’d come see if you guys had any insight first.

Repost source Example:

This looks amazing 

follow: @travelingtheworld123    <  ------------- Remove 
photo by: @instagram                 <  ------------- Keep 




Few days ago I asked myself the exact same question! Looking forward for someone replying who found a solution for that :slight_smile:


I’m looking forward to automating this part too. In my plans I’ll be managing about 60 accounts altogether and I can’t edit all that stuff while working full time in a restaurant lol

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I still haven’t been able to figure out how to do this. Tried a few different ways and all required some manual intervention. Have you found anything?

Can you guys just change the way you are sourcing content to avoid accounts that are already aggregating content? Not sure your automated method for the sourcing but that is what I would do or attempt to do.

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@kennypowers Not sure of a permanent solution but for the travel niche the username @/earth posts insane quality photos with short simple captions as you described


I just source by clicking accounts that lead to other accounts. Not too big of accounts. I mean that’s very manual but That part I’m okay with being manual. When accounts have multiple @ in the name removing those @ for 60 post a day (30 accounts with 2 post each) gets time consuming.

I just usually find accounts that only tag the user and don’t worry about the accounts that are tagging themselves or doing the mother child method.

You can try this. With spintax:

With original caption:

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