Reposting, Reprofiling, and Duplicate Accounts/Backing Up Accounts?

How does this work?

  1. If I repost something someone else posted, also with the exact same hash tags, what happens to both my profile and the post itself? Does the post get shadowbanned? What if I do this frequently?

  2. What if I go to various profiles that aren’t major (<100k followers) and I repost every image on their profile but without or with less of the same hash tags? What if I do it with no or different hash tags?

  3. Is there a formal way to back up your posts/profile? Is this allowed by IG? In that you anticipate some day your account will be deleted so you automatically have every post backed up to a backup account? Do you have to do this manually?


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Good example what you looking for will be thise fan art / tattoo / music celebs fan pages
they all use the same hashtags and same photos all over again and still getting 1-10k depends on each acc reach few can go 100-200 likes while other post same stuff and get 8k likes, I used to run this type pages, never had issues with reposted content unless the creator wanted to remove etc