Reposting Suggestion

Hey bros,
Two of my competitors make nice infographics. Each photo has a logo of the page.
Now what if I download the photos, Change the logos with mine, Change properties & MD5 and then upload? I will not give credit in the description.
Will I face any issue in the future? Anyone doing this??

If you edit the image to replace the logo no need to change the meta-data as it will change in the process. If the algorithm is able to distinguish (or anyone even cares) really depends on your competitor. Maybe the infographics are stock ones or made with Canva - then they are most likely royalty free and hard to pin down.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I guess they made them themselves with a tool. These kind of info-graphics are all over IG but may not the same one. I can give you an example-

What if the profile (from where I have taken and modified the image) reports after seeing my profile??

I still think they use Canva ( or similar

Music = Spotify Logo
Podcast = Apple Podcast Logo

I got bored after 3min

If you are concerned about it I suggest just making your own - doesn’t take long (and if you have theirs to copy it’s even faster) so you can focus on your content reach instead of copyright claims.

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It’s just a sample. Not all of them are this simple!
Yup it’s boring task! Doing manual growth which is also boring. That’s why I wanted to modify my competitors content so they seems like mine. But don’t know if will they be able to claim!

i don’t think they can do much in my opinion.

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I think the worst possible issue you will face in the future is having your posts deleted from your profile since your competitors can report your posts as intellectual property violation. Sooner or later they will find out that you take their pictures without permission.


So, changing their logo won’t do the trick? Any suggestions bro?

Just copy their content and recreate it. Or pay someone to do it.
You simply can’t steal content if you care about the account

yes try to modify a little bit and you will come up with something unique