Reproducing a prospect site

I’ve seen a few of you mention that you’ve had success basically reproducing a prospective client’s site on Instagram to show them the results you can produce.

I have a few prospects currently “happy” with their current management but their results are pitiful. So I am thinking this might be a good way to peak their interest. By cloning their account and reaching back to them in a month or so.

Now duplicating the account is easy enough, so is adjusting things just enough that IG doesn’t get all pissy. But obviously I don’t want to upset the prospect either so I’m looking for some thoughts on any “good intention” practices to not upset them in the process.

First thoughts:
a) To not potentially steal attention away from their official account I use a completely different name and even different hashtags on posts. No tags or links to anything. Only people that’ll spot the account will be people I get to follow the account or see the posts in the hashtags
b) I design it as a “fan site” to the prospect linking to their main site
c) I design it as a “fan site” but I don’t link to anything

I’m thinking tagging the main account is a bad idea as that will just alert the prospect to the page and most likely get it shut down.

I’m open to other thoughts as well. How have those have you that have done this in the past had success?


You could maybe just ask them and do the same but offer it official and for free. You want them to see how your new account outperfoms the old account. It’s harder to show them and maybe harder to start talking about business again when you go the sneaky way.


I would just go to the business and play the " I’m starting my biz, I’m scrappy as hell and willing to make a sacrifice to gain your trust and biz…" route and offer your services up for free. Literally how I grew all of our agency with multiple different services. The key is to identify the businesses that are actually worth working for free for… the ones that will get the most value out of it so they can refer others etc and you have tangible results to make testimonial videos etc. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Every business owner was in your shoes at one point. And the respect the hell out of someone who is willing to do what they did or has a mindset they can relate to… truth is, most business owners did a lot of shit for free before they figured it out and started making profits. You are just marketing to your target audience, but psychologically :wink: get them to like you as a person and they are the easiest client you will EVER have.

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Great advice. Both of you. Thank you.

I’ve had some good success in the past month starting on my path with client management but the small fish are for working out the kinks. I’m starting to target much bigger, life changing fish and all this insight is very helpful.


What’s really funny @Tacos is that when I first started out, I knew that when those clients I worked for free for tried to eventually start paying me because they felt bad, I had done my job and won them over. Still do everything for free for them to this day. But I would never let them pay me, the business they have referred is so much greater than their 150 bucks a month or whatever I would have charged haha.

And recently, I’m hiring service providers sometimes (not that I’ve made it haha, still scrappy and trying to get profitable still), but its so ironic because the ones who do this shit to me get me EVERYTIME. And I refer the shit out of everyone I know to them because of it… so being on both sides its just so powerful to see haha. Anyways, have a solid night and cheers! Hope it helps a little :slight_smile:


I also caught my first medium-sized fish with free service. The situation was similar they where “happy” with their current management. But they just did not know what a good instagram account should look like and went just for the numbers. It’s on you to explain them while you offer your free service. When you do something for free you get their attention and time and as @golfer4lyfe said relationship is everything. Thats much more of a chance than doing their account. If you can convince them you are a smart guy and they like you, you will sell.

Use your time more wisely and find someone who will pay you.

That’s my advice.


In my opinion offering services for free shows that you don’t believe your agency is “good enough” to get paid immediatly, and that you have to “prove” your customer first that your service is good…

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For most prospects I would agree. But larger clients especially chains is a different story.

I mean the prospect I’m looking at has over 750 places globally, and on top of that has really bad Instagram management/growth across the board. Right now they already have a company that handles things for them and they’re “happy” but my guess is because that’s only because they don’t know what good management could do.

So they not only have their main account but the majority of their places also each have their own instagram accounts. Well worth even three months of free management to land a contract like that even a low rate of $50 per account would be a 35,000/mth contact


Indeed a nice fish. Also having one big customer may open the doors to other big customers.

Totally agree there they very often have marketing supplyers for everything. Getting the foot into the door and building trust is the main challenge in my opinion.

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